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Stand alone UVB 311nm lamp + table fixture

 Hands free UV-B lamp, can be mounted on any table . Keep the lamp at a distance of 1-2 inch from the skin during usage and do not exceed the time of exposure recommended by your dermatologist.

Standalone UVB lamp - back phototherapy                       Neck UVB 311nm exposure

 standalone-table-uvb-lamp-311nm-back-psoriasis-vitiligo standalone-uvb-lamp-311nm-neck-psoriasis-vitiligo

Table UVB 311nm lamp - feet phototherapy

standalone-uvb-lamp-311nm-table-foot-psoriasis-vitiligo table-uvb-311nm-lamp-feet-psoriasis-vitiligo

Standalone UVB Lamp 311nm - elbow exposure                Hands phototherapy UVB lamp -table fixture

table-uvb-lamp-311nm-elbow-psoriasis-vitiligo table-uvb-lamp-arm-311nm-hands-psoriasis-vitiligo

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Stand alone UVB 311nm lamp PL-S 9W 01/2P

  • Product Code: Stand alone UVB 311nm Lamp PL-S 9W 01/2P + table fixture
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £180.00
  • £149.90

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