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Cap-Base G23 [ G23]

Main Application Phototherapy

Life to 50% Failures (Nom) 1000 h

Useful Life (Nom) 1000 h

Light Technical Color Code 01

Color Designation Ultra Violet B

UV Depreciation at 500 h 15 %

UV Depreciation at 1000 h 20 %

Operating and Electrical Power (Rated) (Nom) 8.6 W

Lamp Current (Nom) 0.17 A

Voltage (Nom) 60 V

PL-S 9W/01/2P 1CT/6X10BOX More than 400 independent clinical studies have proven that the UVB Narrowband PLL/PL-S lamps are safer and more effective than any other lamps in their class. The PLL/PL-S versions provide additional design freedom for system manufacturers since these are space-saving compact, single-ended lamps.

Further flexibility is assured since they use the same lamp caps as general lighting lamps, they also use the same universal ballasts. Their best-in-class treatment effectiveness is a result of their very narrow waveband emission: between 305 and 315 nm with a peak at 311 nm.

This is the most efficacious waveband for the treatment of psoriasis, and is therefore much more focused. As a result, exposure times are much shorter and this in turn leads to a reduction of side effects such as reddening of the skin and itching. All of this makes them ideal for phototherapy treatment of diseases such as psoriasis and vitiligo.

Warnings and Safety • A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. If a lamp breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facilities for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

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PL-S 9W 01 2P uvb bulb spare parts EAN 8711500868916

  • Product Code: EAN: 8711500868916
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