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How to use the UV-B 311nm Lamp?

Therapy with UVB ultraviolet light, of narrowband 311-315nm, consists in applying UV light directed on the skin area affected by psoriasis, Vitilgo, acne or skin rash.

UVB set contains, in addition to UVB fluorescent lamp produced by Philips, a timer - alarm, separate from the actual lamp, as well as a pair of anti-UV sunglasses that protects your eyes from the unwanted effects of ultraviolet radiation.

how to use uvb lamp 311nm psoriasis treatmentFirst, set the time for lamp use with the alarm – timer which you can find separately in the package: begin with 30 seconds on the first day of use, gradually increasing the exposure time by 10 seconds daily.

Thus, after 10 days of using the UVB lamp you reach 2 minutes of exposure, after 20 days you reach 4 minutes of daily exposures of the affected skin area.

It is recommended a day of rest between treatment days (namely use the lamp only 4 days per week, with pauses for one day between them)
Keep the UVB hand lamp at about 1 inch (2 cm) from the skin surface, for best results. Stronger lamps for larger areas can be used at distances of 5-8 inches.

how to use the uvb lamp vitiligo phototherapyDo not exceed the time of exposure to UVB PL S 9W 01 2P   more than 4 -5 minutes / day, because too much exposed skin area can become irritated, red, like excessive sun tan. Do not expose yourself to the sun during treatment days, because the sun will amplify the effect of UV rays on the skin.

It is good to protect your skin that is not affected with cream with high UV protection factor (over 45) or clothing during phototherapy sessions.

If it is impossible to not expose yourself to the sun during UV treatment days, we recommend that you protect your skin including areas affected with cream with high UV protection factor, recommended by your dermatologist.

Home phototherapy has gained ground in recent years, being a serious alternative to overly expensive treatment in clinics, but with the same beneficial effect.

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Use of PL S 9W 01 2P Lamp

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